Monday, October 22, 2012

Romnesia: Recently Uncovered GOP Mental Disorder?

For those old enough to remember the “Voodoo-economics” behind of Reaganomics, will there be a more serious mental disorder yet to destabilize the US Republican Party?

By: Ringo Bones

Would you believe that the ever-increasing partisan politics at the Beltway of Washington, D.C. has been slowly enriching the already colorful American English lexicon since former US President George W. Bush’s search for nonexistent WMDs in Iraq? Sadly, this is at the American taxpayers’ expense of an increasingly dysfunctional government about to careen into a Fiscal Cliff where The Lord white Anglo Saxon Protestant Jesus Christ can no longer perform Hail Mary Play miracles anymore. But has anyone already heard of “Romnesia”?

It could well be that the increasing partisan politics at the D.C. Beltway may well be the most prodigious source of new words – make that whimsical new words – for the burgeoning American English lexicon. I first heard it on the weekending October 20, 2012 on CNN that incumbent President Obama, while on the campaign trail of the 2012 US Presidential Election, describes his opponent former Governor Mitt Romney of having “Romnesia”, making President Obama the first one to coin the term. But what is Romnesia anyway and is it already an official part of the American English lexicon?     

When I checked it out on the Urban Dictionary website, it seems that there are a number of meanings vying for the official definition of the new word Romnesia. These are the following tentative definitions: 1) the act of forgetting a statement or belief that you had previously expressed the opposite point of view with regards to. 2) The ability of the very wealthy to forget the context in which they made their money. 3) Flowing with the wind... talk a different story to a different group of audience…Inspired by flip-flop Romney liar and 4) a condition affecting GOP members and supporters exemplified by contradicting statements and a perma-grin. It looks like Mitt Romney managed to upstage the late former US President Ronald Reagan by having a “political” term coined after him before being voted into the office of the US Presidency.


  1. Romnesia - Mitt Romney unable to recall how he got filthy rich via Vulture Capitalism.

  2. Romnesia - Mitt Romney's "amnesia" when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility?