Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Anti-President Obama Bandwagon: Expanding the English Language?

As the English language roster reached past the 1,000,000th mark, can the anti-President Obama bandwagon add another three words to our ever expanding near universal lexicon?

By: Ringo Bones

It seems like it was just yesterday that back in June 12, 2009 that the English language officially inducted the 1,000,000th word, and yet three more words are now poised to be added to the ever expanding lexical pool of the worlds near-universally accepted tongue. Surprisingly, we can “reluctantly” thank the kluge side of the American neo-Nazism courtesy of the current anti-President Obama bandwagon. Maybe there’s truth to that “thousand simians typing with luck can create a Shakespeare-like masterpiece” story after all. Due to their frequency of use, the following three words could soon be officially inducted to English language.

1.) Birthers – according to the word’s established used, Birthers are conspiracy theorists who questions the American citizenship of U.S. President Barack Obama. Thanks to their loud and vocal questioning of President Obama’s U.S. citizenship that the word Birthers is now on the fast track to become the newest entry into the English language lexicon. Thanks to the loud and vocal voice of the Birthers – with the emphasis on the loud. That made the town hall discussions on the proposed healthcare bill as loud as a Richard Butler sponsored “Aryan Nation Punk Rock Oi! Scene” circa 1989.

2.) Death Panels – a term created by the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin which pertains to the theoretical – though I wonder if Sarah Palin sees them as theoretical – panel that decides who lives or dies as the proposed “Obama healthcare plan” takes into effect. The English speaking world now has Sarah Palin to thank yet again. Before she was flung into the limelight of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections, I thought that one has prerequisite to be male before qualifying to be a misogynist. A female misogynist? Sarah Palin broke another “glass ceiling” yet again.

3.) Tea Baggers – a movement of protestors opposed to President Obama’s current tax structures, which according to the Tea Baggers undermines the Protestant Work Ethic that made America a great nation after all these years. Unfortunately, ultra-nationalist Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans have managed to become a caricature of themselves whenever they profess that they are the only – and I mean by professing as the only – ethnic group that can save America.

So there you have it, three new words poised to become the latest entries into the burgeoning roster of the English language. Makes one wonder if a group of Waffen-SS stragglers managed to establish an ideological school in America near the end of World War II and we are now witnessing the fruit of their labors? Or maybe this is just the kluge side of American neo-Nazism trying to reclaim their birthright? May their stupidity enrich the English language?