Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eastwooding: A New Word From The 2012 US Presidential Race?

Supposedly to mean someone talking to an empty chair and pretending someone is sitting there; is “Eastwooding” another new word born out of the 2012 US Presidential Race?

By: Ringo Bones

Like always, we can always count on the US Republican Party for over-the-top political statements hitherto unseen since the search for nonexistent WMDs in Saddam’s Iraq back in March 2003. With the Ronald Reagan 3-D Holography a no show during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida a few months ago, it was up to famed Hollywood actor and conservative stalwart Clint Eastwood to do a stunt supposedly to liven up a supposedly matter-of-fact GOP rally.

Sadly, not all people are familiar with improvisational acting or improv – a few that do only associate improv with Wayne Brady, who gained notoriety as the “whitest” African-American actor in America. Clint Eastwood supposedly castigating an empty chair as a stand in for the Democrat President Obama has left most of us a quizzical look of puzzlement. After parody postings of photos on various online social media sites supposedly mimicking Clint Eastwood’s practice of interrogating an empty chair, it probably took a few more weeks before the online community reached a consensus to call what Clint Eastwood did to that empty chair supposedly to stand in for President Obama during the GOP national convention in Tampa, Florida as “Eastwooding”. At least Romnesia won’t be so lonely as the latest word in the American English lexicon for 2012.   

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