Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Santorum: Latest Word in the American English Lexicon?

Has America's partisan political fault-line finally created a new word that fittingly describes the ontological moniker?

By: Ringo Bones

Although the campaign to make it into a new word for inclusion in the American English lexicon can be traced as far back as 2003, does the word "Santorum" be a fitting description of the current fractious discourse in the present state of American politics? Well, the American taxpayer probably has the misfortune of having experienced first-hand of having "Santorum" being smeared at their faces since 2003 - such is the extent of the ideological fault-line of the partisan political discourse in today's America.

Thanks to the hard work of gay rights activist named Dan Savage, whenever you Google search the word Santorum, the search results - more often than not - shows a description / meaning of the word as a mixture of fecal matter and lube as a by-product of anal sex. But how come the US Republican Party's presidential hopeful for the 2012 US Presidential Elections got his name associated with such an unflattering description?

Back in 2003, then US Republican Party Senator Rick Santorum has never been shy about his prejudice and bigotry of gay people - often using the Holy Bible as a justification of his somewhat "homophobic" ideological stance. Thus inciting Dan Savage to start a campaign to associate the name of the homophobic Republican senator to mean a mixture of fecal matter and lube more often than not the resulting by-product of anal sex. Long story sort, now every time you Google search the word Santorum, a rather unflattering description shows up on top of the search results. Given that Adam and Jamie of the Mythbusters had recently collaborated with President Barack Obama on the Archimedes "Death Ray", if ever America has the misfortune of having Rick Santorum as the president, will Adam and Jamie be doing a "Santorum" special on Mythbusters?